The IHWA is here to support established Home Watch businesses. We are your advocate, certification organization, offering marketing assistance, among other member benefits. 

 If you are just getting started, we suggest professional training.  The Home Watch Academy is an eLearning and Resource Program designed specifically for the Home Watch Industry.   

You will learn how to avoid costly point of entry mistakes and unnecessary expenses.  The Exceptional Home Watch Visit course is the cornerstone of the entire program. Customizable forms, the Client Contract, and a variety of Graduate Resources to help you keep your business up to date and skills sharp are also included. 

New businesses get started right, and existing companies take the training to help grow and scale their organization.   

Learn more when you watch this Informational Webinar  

Diane Pisani, founder of Your Home Watch Professionals and the Home Watch Academy, has been in the profession of Home Watch since 2004 and training since 2008. 

Hundreds of graduates are serving seasonal homeowners throughout the United States and Canada.   

Get started today and save money! 

Enjoy a savings of $500 off the Home Watch Academy eLearning Program 


Home Watch Academy

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