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Mar 19, 2021 -- Posted by : admin

The International Home Watch Alliance™ is changing the way people care for their seasonal homes. We are a not-for-profit national home watch association that is proud to be taking the helm and charging forward with the emerging profession of Home Watch services. In most areas of the country, neighborhood and home watch programs are not regulated. There is no specific state license at this time. It leads to some misrepresentation when a company states they are licensed, often referring to a license for another service or a business license, which is, in fact, a business tax receipt.

The IHWA is here to improve the standards! We are committed to offering education, certification, oversight, and common guidelines to make Home Watch more reliable and professional.

Certification Programs for Home Watch Services

The IHWA proudly serves as the recognized organization that administers a Home Watch Certification test to members. The exam assesses professionalism and how well members understand and retain the Home Watch Reporter's foundational skillset. Our professional development programs and certification process focuses on improving knowledge, proficiency, and aptitude for all manner of in-home evaluation, reviews, and reporting.

Advocacy Efforts for Home Watch

Advocacy and local support is also something we care about deeply. At the IHWA, we proudly offer the homeowner the decisive source to work hand in hand with the Home Watch Professional in their community. The one-of-a-kind member directory has been carefully designed and revised as needed to connect the homeowner with credentialed professionals. Home Watch certification is a huge accomplishment and is something many of our members take great pride in when they achieve the IHWA Certified Home Watch Reporter's designation.

Professional Development

We believe in the value of education and in the idea that learning and personal growth never end. Members get exclusive access to a range of outstanding educational Home Watch Training programs, specialized resources, and networking events. To learn more about what The International Home Watch Alliance™ has to offer, contact us today.


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