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The International Home Watch Alliance™ – Business Structure

It was vital that the organization have the proper structure. A consistent comment from Home Watch business owners was that an individual or shareholders should not financially profit from the membership dues and organization profits.

The International Home Watch Alliance™ engaged the services of Sheryl Soukup, founder of Soukup Strategic Solutions; a company that provides nonprofit organizations with expertise that includes strategic planning, board development, growth strategies, marketing plans, and program development.

Sheryl Soukup conducted an intense interview with Diane and Marc to learn about their vision for the IHWA. She established that the intent and goals of the IHWA, included a certification test and professional designations, dedication to ongoing education, industry advocacy, resources for the seasonal homeowners, consumer awareness, sponsorship opportunities, member events, professional mentoring, and more. It is important that the IHWA is a transparent organization that adheres to the regulations and standards of other similar organizations.

In the report, Soukup Strategic Solutions recommended that the IHWA register as a 501(c)(6), and the applications were promptly filed.

The IHWA is lead by a volunteer Board of Directors, governed by the organization’s by-laws.  The officers have term limits.  This is an organization that grows leaders from within the membership that has a voice in the direction, goals, and mission.

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