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The International Home Watch Alliance – Mission: Advocate – Educate – Innovate


The IHWA is the voice of Home Watch; delivering a consistent, concise, message to the public. It is vital that the seasonal residents, as well as those who work with them, understand the service offerings as well as standards.

The IHWA initiates lobby efforts with appropriate regulatory agencies. A clear focus is on the insurance industry. The goal is the recognition of the IHWA Certified Home Watch Reporter™ (CHWR) designation and the IHWA as the leading resource for homeowners to locate the best Home Watch Professionals who adhere to strict standards as well as ongoing education and regular testing.

The IHWA shares vital data with insurance companies to show how the services of a CHWR can save, or reduce, claim pay-outs because the Home Watch Reporter is trained and skilled to recognize damage in the early stages before it becomes a disaster. The top goal is that homeowner discounts or credits, are offered when seasonal residents engage the services of a CHWR.


Most people do not understand the difference between Home Watch, House Sitting, Property Management, and Home Inspection. The IHWA educates the public through marketing initiatives, strategic alliances, public relations efforts and more. To accomplish this, members support the IHWA’s definition of Home Watch, industry jargon and terminology, mission, and standards.

The consistency of the message is key.

The IHWA offers a variety of educational resources to the members in partnership with organizations that support the IHWA mission and standards.

Continuing education for the members and updated certification credentials is a priority.


Innovation is the name of the game and the IHWA’s priority is to be aware of programs and products that enhance the business of the members. The leadership team is committed to being open-minded as well as prudent when it comes to introducing goods and services to the membership.

The founding innovation is the designation of Certified Home Watch Reporter™ (CHWR). Many industry professionals contributed to the test questions and the exam is delivered via an online testing platform that gives the test-taker their results immediately.

The IHWA operates in a spirit of the relentless pursuit of all that benefits the homeowner and the members.

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