The International Home Watch Alliance™  is a not-for-profit organization leading the way in the fragmented, emerging, profession of Home Watch.  In most places, Home Watch is not regulated, licensed or recognized as a profession or industry. The IHWA is here to change that by growing a member alliance that recognizes the importance of professional standards and raising awareness amongst home watch providers, seasonal homeowners, and other professions and service providers who also serve the individuals who own multiple homes.

‘It is our mission to raise the awareness as to the importance of leveraging qualified and trained businesses to perform Home Watch visits, while providing a forum and recognized certification program that sets the bar for Home Watch organizations and professionals.’

Certification Programs

The IHWA is proud to be the first organization to administer a certification test to the approved members.  The exam tests the foundational skills of the home watch reporter as well as their knowledge, proficiency, and aptitude in general household operations and the performance of the home watch visit. Those who successfully complete the exam with a pass rate of at least 80% earn the designation of Certified Home Watch Reporter™.

Advocacy Efforts

The IHWA is the ultimate resource for the seasonal homeowner to learn what to expect from a home watch provider.  The member directory connects the homeowner with credentialed professionals in their area.  

The IHWA works directly with key professionals and decision-makers in the insurance industry to establish the guidelines by which they recognize the designation of Certified Home Watch Reporter™.

We are the liaison with representatives on various levels of state and local government in some states that have a high number of part-time homeowners.

The IHWA along with members and sponsors work toward the advancement of the Home Watch Professional.

Professional Development

Members of the IHWA must have an established business to join the alliance.  We recognize that the learning process never ends.  There is access to various educational programs, resources, and events.  Members receive mentorship, coaching, and marketing assistance.

Members have a voice in the organization and we evolve and grow based on their input.

Board of Directors

The IHWA is comprised of a Board of Directors and committees that focus on specific domains such as certification, advocacy, sponsor programs, events, professional development, and more.

As a not-for-profit organization, the IHWA Board of Directors along with committee participants dedicate their efforts to driving the advancement of the Home Watch profession.   No part of the net earnings may benefit any individual.

The funds raised from membership, sponsorship, and certification are allocated towards operating expenses and the advancement of the Home Watch profession. 


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